Frequently Asked Questions

Swike is a derivative of the words ‘swipe’ and ‘like.’ It describes the action of using the App. You Swipe to Like > SWIKE.

There is nothing like Swike out there; it’s both intuitive & simple to use.  Without any space to comment, the only decision the reader needs to make is ‘which post do I prefer?’

The Apps simplicity belies a complex algorithm which is heavily based on the principals of gamification.  The more content positive ‘swikes’ a piece of content receives, the more likely it is to be served up to others. Fans can support their favourites while being introduced to new content creators.

It is simple to use:

  • Set your filters and the App serves up two posts.
  • Then swipe (slide) your preferred post over the other to like it. You Swipe to Like … SWIKE.
  • The swiked post stays in place and instantly get served another post. You swike again and the process repeats itself.

Each post can only be viewed once, so if you keep swiking, you’ll eventually find your favourite content. You can also check your history, to see how you got there.

Your ‘swikes’ stay private and cannot be seen by other users. However, we use then to rank all the content on the app, so it’s easy to see what’s trending. Popular content climbs the rankings, whilst less popular content gets removed.

Users can also view the ‘Top 100s’, making it easy to find what’s trending and tap into that.

Unlike other apps, Swike does not track user behaviour to ‘learn’ about their intimate likes and dislikes, it also does not curate content. Instead, we give users the ability to choose what they want to focus on, using simple filters. The App uses a completely anonymous analytic protocol that measures collective activity of the entire Swike universe (swikes) to rank activity and determine which is the best content.

No worries, just go to the ‘Top 100s’ page to see the best content from each topic.

Yes, it’s easy to follow an account. You can then choose to see content from the accounts you follow, or ‘lucky dip’ to see content from everyone!

It’s simple to upload to the app. You can do this by uploading directly from your phone’s gallery or using the camera to take and post something new.

Click on the + button, upload your content, press send.



Images and short videos (up to 15 secs). These should be relevant to the topic selected when you upload your content.

Simple, upload great content! Swike is a true content meritocracy. You can’t pay to boost your content. To ensure that only the best content stays visible we remove content that doesn’t make it into the top 100. As a result, creators must bring their A-game, to stay on top.

The internet is full of hate and social media has become a very toxic place for a lot of people. More and more people are leaving social media, because the fun has gone. Without anywhere to comment there’s no space to hate.  

Swike has clear guidelines about what is and is not acceptable. While there is no tolerance for hate, violence, or pornography, we do not moderate quality, opinions, or the use of cursing. The App makes it easy to report offensive posts, which are then automatically suspended until the moderation process is complete. We only moderate reported content.

Swike is intended to share and find great content. It was designed to be light-hearted and fun. We do not tolerate and will remove content/users who post the following:

  • Abuse of individuals, groups & animals
  • Nudity
  • Promotion of illegal activities
  • Copyright theft
  • Disguised advertising
  • Political statements
  • Anything that endangers others

Managing Your Account

Swike is a free app, anyone can set-up an account. Simply download the app from the Apple or Android stores and hit create an account. You’ll need an email address (which we’ll verify), a password and some basic profile information to get started.

Users must be over 13 years of age to use the app and some topics may be restricted to over-18s only.

Only information that users make public can be seen by others. This includes username and profile bio. Only use a strong password and don’t share it with anyone. This will help ensure your account remains private.

All accounts are password protected. All passwords are encrypted and stored securely. Please ensure you pick a strong password and don’t share it with others. 

There is no location tracking within the app. We ask for location so that users have the choice to filter and view content by region

The app does have push notifications. These can be managed and switched-off within the app.

We’d love if users invite their friends to use the app. All you have to do is point them to our website or to the app stores to download the App. You can also share content using the green sharing button on the bottom right of every post. This way you can compare favourites with your friends.

Just hit the ‘follow’ button to follow other users. From the home screen you can choose to see content from the accounts you follow, or ‘lucky dip’ to see content from everyone!


In the bottom right corner of each post, you will see a large exclamation mark, click here to report any content. Simply hit the button and let us know whether you are reporting if the content is offensive or not relevant to the topic

To avoid online abuse, content that is being reported will be suspended, until it can be reviewed. We will aim to assess and remove or release content as quickly as possible. Once reviewed if it is cleared the post will be restored to the App environment.

Offensive content will quickly get suspended and removed. Any accounts that repeatedly breach guidelines will be removed.

Swike aims to use as little personal data as possible. Unlike other social media apps, we do not ‘profile’ users and curate content. Instead, we allow users to set filters and our algorithms run off the post themselves. For full information please see our Data Privacy Policy. 

Yes. Advertisements are aligned to users’ ‘my topics’. This means you should see adverts that are relevant and interesting to you. When advertisements are provided by 3rd parties, they may use profiling to personalise the content to you.

Swike does not sell individual personal data. EVER.