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Quality Wins Every Time.

Swike is built around ‘gamification’. The more swikes your content gets, the higher it climbs the rankings. Making the top 100 lets you show just how popular your content is.


Great Content. No Trolls.

There is no room for comments on Swike which instantly removes space for trolls to lurk. Focus on the content, not battling trolls.
level playing field

It's a Level Playing Field.

Swike is all about popular content, the more swikes (likes) content receives, the more people it is served up to. You cannot pay to boost your content. When it comes to popularity, ££ does not equate to reach.

Join Us

Swike is the perfect environment to grow and enhance your sponsorship deals. Driven by quality with no risk of being sabotaged by comments, you can focus on creating content that truly gets you ahead of the pack.

Ownership giveaway

Swike is a new social media app designed for users and we understand how important good content is.

We want you to be part of the journey with us. That’s why we’ve decided to give away part of the business to the best content creators!  

The rules are simple: 

  • We will be giving away 20% of the business in shares
  • This will be split between the top 20 content creators
  • It will be triggered as soon as we hit 1m users 

Ambassador Programme

We’re looking to engage with like-minded content creators who need a platform to build their base and grow their businesses.

Our Ambassador programme offers a number of benefits to content creators who join us early in the game.

Key benefits include:

  • Secure your handle (up to 16 characters long)
  • Join an elite group of influencers in the initial public relations with features on our website and press materials
  • Free advertising (packages based on current follower base) – available on request
  • Early participation will give your content a natural advantage over your competitor

Great content wins ... everytime!

With Swike a big budget to boost a post won’t work. The rankings are based on users’ choices. The better your content is, the higher you’ll climb. Work with your followers to boost your rankings, and be seen by a whole new audience without having to dig deep.  

Oh, and we only keep the best content, so your content will shine and your followers won’t need to look through pages of content to find the good stuff!

Meet Our Founder

Sam Guggiari-Peel

Sam set-up Swike in 2021, frustrated with the systemic issues with mainstream platforms, he set-out to create the next generation social media. Swike was born out of a need to create a platform that addressed online hate and abuse, was still fun, and was a true meritocracy for content creators (professional or otherwise – you can’t pay to boost your content). Sam has a background in financial services and project management, as well as an obsession with all things tech!

Founder pic

Redefining Social Media Together