Share give-away - Terms & Conditions

Swike is all about best content and creators play a key role in that. We want to demonstrate that by making our top content creators part owners in the business!


  • 1 million users: the reward will be triggered as soon as we reach this threshold
    • ‘Users’ is defined as ‘active’ accounts as per the Swike admin dashboard
  • Winners: the ‘top 20’ creators
    • Top 20 is defined as the 20 highest profiles on the ‘Top 100’ list. This is a list of the accounts with the most ‘Top 100’ posts on Swike
    • This list will be taken as at the moment that the 1m user threshold is reached
  • Prize: 20% of Swike Ltd. in shares
    • This will be split evenly amongst the winners
    • Shares will be issued within 90 days

Share Ownership

  • ‘Winners’ will receive class C ordinary shares in Swike Limited
    • These shares will not grant voting rights
    • These shares will not receive dividends
    • These shares may be diluted during future funding rounds
    • Gift hold over relief will be applied
  • Market value – Swike Ltd. cannot guarantee that you will be able to sell these shares
    • Realisation of value typically occurs once the company has listed on a public exchange or been sold
    • Owning shares in a startup company often carries significant risks. These shares will hold no value in the event that Swike Ltd. goes into liquidation

General Terms

  • Swike Ltd. retains the right to change the terms or cancel this offer at any time
  • Swike Ltd. retains the right to withdraw this offer from anyone who has broken Swike’s ‘standards
  • Swike Ltd. will not be liable for any tax liabilities due to or from those receiving shares
  • Swike Ltd. may require recipients of shares to sign a shareholder agreement
  • This offer is only available over the age of 18 (or 16 with parental consent / custody of shares)
  • This offer is subject to the laws of England and Wales